Can We Just Sit and Appreciate Dame Judi Dench for a Minute

They don’t make ’em like they used to.

Luckily we have international treasures such as Dame Judi Dench around to remind us both of how it was then and how good it can still be now.

The British star of stage and screen turned 85 today and since she’s as busy as ever, coming to a theater near you in Cats on Dec. 20 and with at least four more movies in various stages of production after that, we figured we’d take a moment to assess her prolific career now before we get even more hopelessly behind.

Dench, who has made her indelible mark in every genre, from Shakespearean comedy and tragedy to 007 spy thriller, recently shared why she continues to work so hard even though she’d be well within her rights to stop and smell the exotic marigolds for a minute.

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