Singer Joy Villa wears another pro-Trump outfit at the Grammys

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Conservative US singer Joy Villa donned another pro-Donald Trump outfit at the Grammys, wearing a gown supporting the president’s re-election campaign.

It was the third time Villa had used the biggest night in music to support Mr Trump, who is in the middle of an impeachment trial.

She wore a red gown which had the phrase “Trump 2020” emblazoned on the front in white letters, while on the back were the words “Impeached and Re-Elected”.

Villa also held a clutch bag bearing the logo of the Republican party.

Speaking on the carpet before the ceremony, she told the Hollywood Reporter: “He’s going to be the first president in history to be impeached and re-elected.”

Villa said the impeachment process was a “total sham” and that the process was “confusing most Americans”.

Asked if she had told Mr Trump what she planned to wear for the Grammys, Villa said he would be “surprised” and that all she had said was “I’m going to wear something to be supportive”.

“I don’t let anyone know the message beforehand,” she added.

Last year she wore a dress bearing the slogan “build the wall”, a reference to Mr Trump’s proposed barrier on the US-Mexico border.

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